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Discover your leadership intelligence

As a leader, you must successfully navigate daily challenges to thrive both professionally and personally. Up to now, your professional success has resulted from a combination of your skills and experience. Now you want to take your success to the next level with a new perspective. You are ready to hone your leadership intelligence.

The most successful leaders understand three things: themselves, others, and the organization in which they work. It starts with learning about the link between inner perceptions and outer behavior. It builds through awareness of how leadership style resonates with others. With increased self-knowledge and greater resonance with others, leaders are able to navigate the organizational structure and create an environment ripe for success. This is Leadership Intelligence.

Executive coach Carolyn Mathews will partner with you to attain these hallmarks of leadership intelligence as you bring your leadership style to the next level. Carolyn offers a unique combination of skills and insights as a positive psychology coach and former corporate professional. Learn more about Carolyn and why she can help you sharpen your leadership intelligence.