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Carolyn consults with organizations to help them address a variety of circumstances, such as succession planning and knowledge transfer, team cohesiveness, conflict management, and employee engagement. She is certified in 360 degree  feedback, conflict style management, and retirement assessments. With no “set-in-stone” protocol, Carolyn listens to the challenges your organization faces, reviews the desired outcome(s), and offers a plan specific to those goals.

In addition, Carolyn has extensive experience working with two groups: technical professionals and near-retirees. Each of these groups have an impact on the organization and other employees. Working with clients in these areas requires a level of professionalism that recognizes the sensitivity involved.


Technical Professionals: Some employees have trouble socially navigating the workplace or contributing as a team player. Others focus so deeply on one goal that they have trouble staying organized. Often, but not always, such employees work in the technology arena. Managers may have difficulty figuring out how to keep the employees engaged and integrate them into the team.

Carolyn works with these employees to help them showcase their strengths while remaining alert to how their behaviors affect others. In addition, Carolyn consults with the managers to help them understand how to highlight a person’s talents and strengths, while mitigating behaviors that detract from the team. This allows the employee to contribute in a way that benefits the organization, and keeps the employee engaged and interested in their work. Learn more about her TechProfs program and how it may benefit your organization.

Near-Retirees: Many organizations benefit from offering executives, and other high-level managers, support in the transition to a meaningful retirement. While retirement opens the talent pipeline, it may also leave large gaps in your organization’s knowledge base. Conversely, some organizations experience trouble clearing their talent pipeline. While some “near-retirees” may opt to stay with an organization for financial reasons, many also stay because they have no sustainable plan for their retirement years. Carolyn can work with your organization to help create policies to extend the careers of high-contributors and develop retirement wellbeing programs. 

Through her Signature Legacy
© program, Carolyn coaches executives to identify possible succession candidates from within the organization and identify the best means for knowledge transfer. Additionally, using an assessment, she can help executives identify focus areas and create a plan to build a successful retirement following a successful career.