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Individual and Team Coaching

Coaching can be a powerful means of change. It provides direction so you successfully navigate personal and career transitions. It invites behavioral change that allows you to thrive. And coaching empowers you to bring your leadership style to the next level.

Carolyn is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) with a special designation in executive coaching. She works with individual executives and leaders, as well as with teams, to help them set and achieve their goals.
 Using empirically based interventions and evidence-based practices, Carolyn provides you with the tools and resources during the coaching relationship that you will use long after. For positive, on-going changes, she uses a paradigm to help individuals and teams track progress:
  •  Identify stumbling blocks 

  •  Assess strengths and resources

  •  Determine goals based on strengths, talents, skills, and opportunities 

  •  Take action in alignment with values

  •  Monitor progress towards positive change

Carolyn works with her clients to establish a mutually agreed-upon contract that defines confidentiality, metrics and results. Those who have worked with Carolyn find her approach to be candid and supportive, with a healthy does of warmth, curiousity and humor.