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About Carolyn

About Carolyn

What makes Carolyn different from other coaches? As a Board Certified Coach (BCC), Carolyn Mathews, PsyD, offers a unique blend of over 20 years combined coaching psychology and professional corporate experience. This combination allows her to capture and share the "psychology of business" with her clients. Through her work in the corporate world and as a coach, both focused on executives and other leaders, Carolyn understands the complexities of the workplace and appreciates that each person faces unique challenges. Most of all, she recognizes that all people benefit from distinct solutions.

Carolyn's philosophy: Take a look at the photo at the top of the page. Carolyn saw this plaque on a memorial bench in the Jardin des Plantes, in Paris several years ago. The last line reads: Une vocation, une passion, une vie (a vocation, a passion, a life). This reflects Carolyn's belief that everyone can feel this way about what they do for a living. She works with leaders to help them de-clutter and gain clarity,
appreciate the moment, and envision, then take action, on their future.

Positive psychology coaching: Carolyn believes people thrive when they pay attention to all aspects of their lives: from the personal to the professional, from the body to the mind. While some refer to this as holistic coaching, Carolyn calls it common sense. Evidence-based positive psychology and a strengths-based approach informs Carolyn's work with executives and other leaders. This approach allows clients to use their strengths to build upon what works in their lives and mitigate weaknesses so they can:

  • Enhance performance

  • Boost engagement for themselves and their teams

  • Broaden emotional and social capacities

  • Navigate transitions

Carolyn's coaching encompasses such areas as career performance and development; 360 feedback; social intelligence; and conflict management. She also works with executives and other leaders who face a career transition as a result of merger, acquisition or retirement. She is certified in the following:

  • Center for Creative Leadership 360 Assessment Suite

  • Conflict Dynamics Profile

  • Retirement Options RSP and LOP

In addition to her corporate experience in companies such as Unipart (UK), Subaru of America, and Merrill Lynch, Carolyn has a Doctorate degree in psychology, is a licensed therapist, and has a Master's degree in communications. Her top character strengths include Critical Thinking, Love of Learning, Social Intelligence, Kindness,  and Apprciation of Beauty & Excellence. In her personal time, Carolyn enjoys gardening, hiking, and reading. After many years, Carolyn recently bought a bicycle, and has found that it's true what they say about riding a bike. Carolyn and her husband recently returned to the Seattle area after time in Massachusetts.

Carolyn's professional bio can be found here.